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Submissions are now being accepted!

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Please direct questions on the Vision Awards to:

Kate Mitchell
Marketing Director
Tel: 705-835-6969

This year's categories will be:

Innovation in Broadband Access Networks
The products, solutions and technologies entered in this category help operators provide and/or manage high capacity bandwidth connectivity for their subscribers. While predominately used for accessing the Internet, any number of applications can be run over a wired or wireless broadband access network, from social networking, e-mail and viewing video on-demand.
Innovation in Digital Rights Management and Conditional Access Systems
This category is open to products, solutions and technologies providing content protection, methods of subscriber authorization, subscriber management systems, content encryption/de-encryption, signal scrambling and/or similar technologies
Innovation in Customer Premises Equipment
Items nominated in this category are typically at the consumer's "end" of a TelcoTV network and often include signal reception capabilities. Examples include set-top boxes, DVRs, gaming consoles, video streaming devices, residential gateways, remote controllers, interactive TVs and other devices used by a subscriber.
Innovation in Consumer Viewing Experience & Interactivity
This category is open to customer application software, GUIs and interactive services. Technologies and products for consideration may include traditional user interfaces as well as electronic program guides and other consumer-facing applications for digital television.
Innovation in Service Assurance
Products, tools and technologies entered in this category are typically used to analyze, validate, and verify measurements of electronic and mechanical systems related to TelcoTV and network performance including service assurance and performance management.
Innovation in Content Management Systems
This award category recognizes innovation in systems, processes, tools and workflows that address digital assets and their associated metadata. Entries may also include technologies and products for automation and centralized control and monitoring of assets.
Innovation in Middleware
This award category is for software that ties together disparate programs, applications and services as well as back-end management software (e.g., provisioning) for TelcoTV.
Innovation in Video Processing
Products and technologies entered in this category may include encoding/decoding (as well as codecs), transcoding, multiplexing/demultiplexing, grooming and program insertion, data insertion, transrating, adaptive bit rate streaming, modulation and demodulation, as examples.
Independent Service Provider's Innovation Award
This award is open to any new application or offering deployed by an independent service provider.
Service Provider's Innovation Award
This award is open to any new application or offering deployed by a non-independent service provider.
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