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TelcoVision FAQ

Why are you broadening the show's focus?
TelcoTV was created at a time when our target audience was just moving into video services as part of a triple play package and exploring IPTV as a new source of revenue. Over the past few years, the show has evolved with the industry to cover a broader source of new revenues, realizing that video wasn't generating the profits Tier 2, 3, and 4 telcos expected and needed to secure their future. Rebranding the show as TelcoVision is a natural next step in this evolutionary process, to acknowledge and extend this broader focus.

How important is video to TelcoVision?
Video is still a big part of TelcoVision. It's a primary way that T2-T4 service providers drive revenue. However, video services are just one part of the service bundle.

How will the change impact the size of the show and total attendance?
We believe TelcoVision will attract a larger number of people from the Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 segment, by drawing those engaged in strategic elements of management beyond video. TelcoVision should also attract a wider base of sponsors and exhibitors so overall attendance is expected to increase.

Will you target other potential audience groups?
TelcoTV has always attracted a number of smaller cable players, some of whom are telcos or have much in common with smaller telcos. We expect other network operators and telecom companies serving the smaller markets will also be attracted to TelcoVision, but our focus will be the Tier 2, 3 and 4 telecom players. Going forward, we will reach out to other technology organizations to join our educational effort.

How will this new focus impact other aspects of TelcoTV, such as the partnership with NTCA?
NTCA remains our partner in TelcoVision and key ally.

What about video and the video exhibitors who have supported TelcoTV in the past?
Video remains an important service for smaller telcos and one they can't ignore so we plan to continue covering video services and technologies as part of our conference program and embracing the presence of these exhibitors on the expo floor.

When and where will TelcoVision happen in 2013?
Mark your calendars for TelcoVision 2013 Oct 23 - 25, Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas TelcoTV is returning in 2013 as TelcoVision! TelcoVision is North America's premier event devoted to Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 broadband service providers. As telcos, cable companies, and other communications providers move to all-IP broadband engines TelcoVision sets the course for innovative new services, revenue and profit growth in this highly dynamic market.

Why do you need to register and attend TelcoVision 2013?

Why should your company sponsor TelcoVision 2013?

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